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About my work

Over these past 20 years, my artistic practice has been focused on landscape and the photographic medium. Through my artwork, I aim to bring forward a rather complex abstraction of the landscape by exploring different methods of image re-construction. 

My subject of interest revolves around certain spaces and objects from our surrounding landscape that appear to be ubiquitous and familiar but lack a local identity, looking quite similar to each other regardless of their specific location. Through photography, they seem to transform into something else which is even further away from their particular context and closer to a sort of anonymous, generic image that could belong anywhere.

My approach to photography is strongly graphical: I understand the photographic medium as a device that graphically abstracts and represents the three-dimensional world into the two-dimensional surface, a mechanical process where the visual information retained by the camera’s monocular optical system is translated into purely graphical codes: lines, shapes and tonalities.

 By approaching the photographic image as a two-dimensional composite of graphic codes mechanically framed and positioned within mathematical constructs such as grids and the monocular perspective, I develop multiple processes to re-articulate these elements under new structures and combinations. What drives my artwork towards this direction is the possibility of creating an additional layer of visual complexity on the landscape.

 On this website, you can see a selection of previous artwork organised in four groups: Lines, Cityscapes, Waterscapes and Large Format/Modular Installation. For a more comprehensive archive including all previous artwork, please get in touch.


Sachiyo Nishimura.

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